Saasfy — your modern SaaS template

Saasfy — your modern SaaS template
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Hey everyone! My name is Igor. I am a software engineer. For 10 years, I created a ton of small, big, private, and public SaaS for someone. But just now, I am starting to think about my own SaaS. I always had a lot of ideas. But what did I face? I quickly built core SaaS logic because of the power of interest, and I always got burned out when I had to create user authorization, payments, email sending, public API, teams, member invites, etc.

What if I build the modern SaaS template once and will use it in all my SaaS ideas? That is why I am starting to develop the modern SaaS template — Saasfy!

What is Saasfy exactly?

I have to say that Saasfy is just a repository on GitHub in the Saasfy organization. But this repository has many features for fast application building.

  1. Authorization and authentication with Supabase
    1. Login with email, Google, GitHub, etc.
    2. Protected pages and API calls
    3. Account setting page (WIP)
  2. Payments with Stripe
    1. Create plans and monthly/annual prices on the admin panel
    2. Create one-time payments (WIP)
    3. Create checkout session
    4. Handle webhooks to sync plans, prices, and subscription statuses
    5. Customer portal to manage subscriptions
  3. Emails with Resend
    1. Beautiful emails built with React Email (WIP)
    2. Setup to avoid spam folder (tutorial, WIP)
    3. Subscribing to newsletters
  4. Full stack developing with Next.js
    1. API routes
    2. SSR
    3. File-based routing
    4. I18n (WIP)
    5. ... and much more
  5. SEO with Next.js
    1. Meta tags for Google Search
    2. OG tags for social media
    3. Sitemap and robots.txt (WIP)
  6. Database with Supabase
    1. Fully support local development
    2. Postgres with many extensions
    3. Compatibility with edge runtime with access to database with REST
  7. UI Kit and themes with shadcn/ui
    1. Many full-featured UI components
    2. Light/dark mode
  8. Modern tooling with Nx
    1. Fast CI runs with Nx and Nx Cloud
    2. Unit tests with Jest
    3. E2E tests with Playwright
    4. Linting with ESLint
    5. Monorepo with Nx
    6. Publish local packages (WIP)
  9. Workspaces, aka teams, organizations, anything where you want to bring collect users together.
    1. CRUD API for workspace managing
    2. Workspace member roles
    3. Billing settings
    4. Workspace setting (WIP)
    5. Plan limits (max users, max projects, max domains)
    6. Managing custom domains (WIP)
    7. Member invites (WIP)
  10. Projects, aka blog posts, events, products, or anything in your workspace
    1. CRUD API (WIP)
    2. Public access via custom domain (WIP)
  11. 4-in-1 application
    1. Landing page with root domain (for example,
    2. Dashboard application with app domain prefix (for example,
    3. Admin dashboard (for example,
    4. Custom domain for public projects (WIP)
  12. Saasfy documentation with Mintlify

... and it has just started!

You can get access to Saasfy right now!

There are two options to do this:

  • You can become my sponsor on GitHub. Find a tier with "Lifetime access to the Saasfy mono repository" and buy any of them
  • You can find the direct prices on

In both cases, you will get lifetime access to the Saasfy monorepo, with contributing and discussion opportunities. A higher subscription will also give you access to the roadmap and feature prioritization.

Why do you need Saasfy?

In the competitive landscape of software development, speed is paramount. The ability to quickly transform a brilliant idea into a market-ready product can be the difference between success and obscurity. This is where Saasfy shines.

By leveraging the power of Saasfy, you bypass the tedious and time-consuming aspects of SaaS development. You no longer need to spend weeks grappling with user authorization, payment gateways, or building intricate APIs. Saasfy provides you with a modern, comprehensive template that accelerates your development process exponentially.

Imagine having the framework for your SaaS application ready in just a few days. With Saasfy, this becomes a reality. You can focus your energy on refining your idea, polishing your user experience, and crafting a compelling value proposition. You'll be ready to launch your product and generate revenue in no time.

Saasfy isn't just a template; it's your ticket to success in the world of SaaS. Whether you're a seasoned developer with years of experience or a newcomer looking to make your mark, Saasfy empowers you to turn your dreams into reality.

So why wait? Unlock the potential of your next brilliant idea with Saasfy and start your journey towards SaaS success today.


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